Friday, August 13, 2010

A Saturday Surprise

T, Who is featured so very many times on this blog, celebrated a milestone birthday on August 8th.
I decided to throw her a surprise birthday party on the eve of her birthday - to REALLY surprise her!
And boy did we.
Almost all her friends declined to come out with us that day.
Her family (Hi Hana!!) helped a whole lot!
I fabricated some event we were going to attend.
And off we were on this complex web of deceptions.
My home was as decorated as can be without ruining my beautiful walls

The birthday girl ran a little late, but when she finally arrived we yelled SURPRISE!!!!
She jumped a little, and was relieved all her friends decided to come to her birthday after all.
We had lots of food, and lots of fun.
And then it was time to get in my kitchen
And get the beautiful cake my mom and I made
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm That cake was looking good!!!
My mom made it for me when I was 4 I think for my kindergarten party.
This one is a big favorite of mine.
So I was so super excited to cut into this baby.
But first thing's first!
Birthday wishes precede sugar fixes!

We all loved this cake, and together ate almost half of it :)
Then the entertainment portion of the evening arrived.
H (T's sister) arranged for a fun 3 part presentation for her.
T watched these 3 videos along with all of us in awe, laughter, tearfulness, and happiness.

After all the laughter it was time to go out to continue all the birthday celebrations.
We went out to a place called Maro and celebrated  until the wee hours of the night.

1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila...Floor!

Happy Birthday you hot mama!
And thank you all you ladies who helped so much!!

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We were amused @ the Amusement Park

On a hot cloudy day we all went out to our favorite Amusement Park - Wonderland.
for N & E this was a first visit, so we were all very excited.
So we abandoned all our yard work

Chose some appropriate shoes

and went off on an adventure!
The first ride of the day was on a blue helicopter.

N was a little worried about the wild ride we chose, but did get to practice saying "Kopter" about 100 times.
We stopped to eat, and waited for the sudden rain storm to clear.
So during that time, I had some fun photographing some adorable feet.

When the rain stopped, we proceeded to go try on some hats

And N decided that he can be independent with them and walk around

Yes, he did bump into those people eventually...
But he did not stop there - there were still more hats to try

And more strolls to go on with them on

After that last sombrero we finally realized something about Mr. N...
None of us expected this.
But here it is in all his glory:

But I thought I was Made in Canada?!?!
We had some more fun photo opportunities throughout the day

As well as some very cooperative models (after some sugar bribing)

Finally we decided to get onto some more rides, and went on the carousel.
Truth be told, regardless of him being the token boy of the day - N was pretty terrified.

That was the only photo I got of him on the horse.
Immediately after it they started moving - and it was all over!
Miss E on the other hand was the complete opposite.

She was the happiest little camper, and would not stop smiling!
When it was time to get off - Miss E screamed like the end of the world was coming.
But it was time to end the day, as some of the grown-ups were itching to go on rides as well.
So we once again bribed the little ones with some cookies hugs, and ended the day.
Uh-Oh we seem to have dropped the cookies hugs

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A night of sights & sounds

On a warm but rainy Thursday Evening T & I had some partying to do.
We started with the Beaches Jazz Festival - where I went to see a big favorite band of mine - Dr. Draw
This was T's first time at one of their concerts - so we had fun listening to them going nuts.

We followed these festivities with a fun Modeling Bootcamp by Elmer Olsen.
Great Music, good drinks - Always a great party.
Can you see the music?
The fashion show was dressed by Greta Constantine, and the models were all the newest faces at Elmer Olsen.
Here's a few I thought were really interesting.

Inspired by all the pretty people we decided to have a tiny little photo-shoot of our own.
Here we are in all our glory (not too bad for such a humid day)
T looking happy to be in a patio on a Thursday
Me right before chopping my hair even further :)

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Monday, August 09, 2010

For Ashley

I don't often dedicate my blog to other bloggers, but this has been one dedication I've been thinking about for about a month now.
Ashley is Nolan's mom, as well as a Blogger.
I was ecstatic to discover she is pregnant, and wish her a Very healthy and happy pregnancy.
The real reason behind this blog entry is Nolan - her little Angel and first born son.
Here's why I've been thinking about him:

July 2nd, at a cottage - this yellow butterfly followed me as I took a hike.
It was relentless.
It just kept coming and going, and returning again.
I instantly thought of Nolan, and told my friend all about him.
I had a lot on my mind that day, and this butterfly as small as it was just calmed me instantly.
July 16th @ noon, on a drive this Truck passed by me.
Just a day before I found out about your brother's passing.
I just know he's sending these to you as messages that everything is gonna be alright.

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