Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tour Du Toronto with an economic Professor

Those of you that have visited me in Toronto know that I have a knack for showing my beautiful city.
I've had the privilege to guide many friends and family members through Toronto & adjacent cities.
I have an unexplainable curiosity about Toronto and make it a point to add at least one new location every time I tour it with someone so that I can get something out of it (selfish - I know, but that's just how I roll).
So on July 10th I once again had the privilege to tour Toronto with a new visitor  - we'll call him B
B is an economics professor and more importantly a WOW guild member of my DH.
Yes, I went on a quest of Toronto with 2 geeks World of Warcraft enthusiasts.
This time around I got to visit the Toronto Sculpture Garden.

It was nice, but definitely underwhelming.

With a total of about 4 sculptures, it was about the size of my living room + kitchen (Since it was scorching hot, and we were walking - we were thankful for that).
But it really should be called: Toronto Miniature Sculpture Garden.
The day was nice, we got to see my beautiful city, and although they were geeks World of Warcraft enthusiasts, I had a lovely time.
We got to see First Canadian Place (which is a big favorite of mine)

As well as sipped cold drinks at the harbour.
We also drove around and got to see this project by Ashley's - where they put a real Formula 1 car on China.

Altogether - a fun day.

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