Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Center Island

As summer comes closer and closer something in the air changes.
Cut grass, the beach, wild flowers, my new hair product, makes things look a little better, with a bit of more color.
And I LOVE color!
you'll be hard pressed to see me leave the house without Something that has color on it.
I'm a big fan of Fuscia - see wedding my shoes :)
Yup, these are my feet as a bride

Anyways, back to the subject at hand - summer is here!
So I invited my usual partners in crime N & T, and some new friends R & E and off we went for my first visit of Toronto Center Island.
How did I miss this island until now you ask?
The simple truth is that I just don't know..
But now I've gone, and like it very much.
So here's the story of our Toronto Island visit, enjoy!

This is the best state kids can be in during a car ride - Serenity Now!

He was so sleepy!

There was some concert on the island, so there was a mob of people
waiting at the docks with us.

E was not so sleepy. She enjoyed the view immensely 

Toronto skyline makes me happy,
looks a little bit like emerald city in the Wizard of Oz 

We took a walk around the deck

And then we had some lunch

This made me laugh.

We played

And went on the swings

Admired the Loonies

And rode on the swans

Every good day
Ends with ice-cream!

Mommy, I'm afraid of the water!

I love this city!

And I love N

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cottage Weekend

Went to a cottage in Southampton to celebrate our friend B's birthday.
We have been to this cottage once before during the winter, so I got to see it in a less snowy condition this time.
On the way

We got to stop

P loved my Shrek watch (from a happy meal)

We washed some fruit


Lighthouse in the summer

Same lighthouse in the winter
Thank you Shellie my dear Flip-Flop elf!!
Playing Frisbee

The Cottage

Afternoon is over...


My favorite time of day

Soccer time

Birthday boy making waffles

Day 2 was very foggy.

A shell

Someone left their claw
Lighthouse at dusk

Birthday boys and the yummy cheese cake

Before we left, the sun came out

And there's that "Little Tank"

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