Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A holiday gesture

Holidays are coming by swiftly and I was inspired today with a story from a friend.
Someone she knows teaches at an elementary school with many students who live in poverty and often come to school with no warm clothes, no food, etc.
It has been getting colder and one of her 2nd graders shared with her today that she has been worried about a boy at her bus stop. The little girl said the boy looked cold and she asked if he had a coat. He said that he didn't have one so the little girl saved her own money to buy him one this weekend - no adults were involved.
This made me think about how privileged I am to have a home, food on my table, a loving family and friends.
This year for Christmas I would like to ‘pay-it-forward’.
I propose to all my friends, and all you other readers to change the usual gift buying marathon into a new tradition.
What I am proposing is a "service exchange".
Play ‘secret-santa’ with your closest. The person you are secret Santa for will choose 3 Charity activities (these will be on the note with their name).
You then do the activity and give the person you chose a letter and/or photos of your activity as well as something you liked and/or learned from it.
I think this will give the double benefit of:
  1. It will feel better then to exchange gifts you may not really need
  2. It will do something good for another human being
  3. It will inspire others to follow in your footsteps

I hope you can join me in doing good this year.

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