Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cottage Weekend

Went to a cottage in Southampton to celebrate our friend B's birthday.
We have been to this cottage once before during the winter, so I got to see it in a less snowy condition this time.
On the way

We got to stop

P loved my Shrek watch (from a happy meal)

We washed some fruit


Lighthouse in the summer

Same lighthouse in the winter
Thank you Shellie my dear Flip-Flop elf!!
Playing Frisbee

The Cottage

Afternoon is over...


My favorite time of day

Soccer time

Birthday boy making waffles

Day 2 was very foggy.

A shell

Someone left their claw
Lighthouse at dusk

Birthday boys and the yummy cheese cake

Before we left, the sun came out

And there's that "Little Tank"

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