Monday, August 09, 2010

For Ashley

I don't often dedicate my blog to other bloggers, but this has been one dedication I've been thinking about for about a month now.
Ashley is Nolan's mom, as well as a Blogger.
I was ecstatic to discover she is pregnant, and wish her a Very healthy and happy pregnancy.
The real reason behind this blog entry is Nolan - her little Angel and first born son.
Here's why I've been thinking about him:

July 2nd, at a cottage - this yellow butterfly followed me as I took a hike.
It was relentless.
It just kept coming and going, and returning again.
I instantly thought of Nolan, and told my friend all about him.
I had a lot on my mind that day, and this butterfly as small as it was just calmed me instantly.
July 16th @ noon, on a drive this Truck passed by me.
Just a day before I found out about your brother's passing.
I just know he's sending these to you as messages that everything is gonna be alright.

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