Monday, September 03, 2012

Hot & Dolce

Some years summer in Canada leaves us with the taste for more. It's not hot enough, we get lots of rain, or it snows all the way into mid May. Regardless of what the reason is, it leaves a taste of 'not enough'.
This year, summer was long. It was hot, humid, started early and still although it's already September, I can still feel it!
But with all that, it felt short.
And now that the geese seem to be back:
The signs of what's to come are walking across the street, stopping traffic.
Maybe that's the reason I felt like I needed to savor the heat.
Mama and I found another piano:
This time, we brought someone along that can play :)
My first visit to AGO produced a long wait
and an exquisite look at the works of Picasso
I also got to visit a new restaurant (for me at least) with my favorite two boys and share / indulge in a dessert the was mostly made of Nutella.
That day was complete when we visited a beautiful beach just before sunset.
Indulgence is a sin in some religions, but this is my Le Dolce Far Niente. Pin It Now!

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