Friday, March 26, 2010

it's all about who knows you..

When we moved we forwarded all our post to the new address.
We did it with a service through Canada Post until Everyone actually changes our address - they add a yellow forwarding label to mail that's sent to the old address.
So every month I wait anxiously, as the number of yellow stickies reduces.
I did start catching on to getting an increase in the number in the last few months.
When I investigated further (ie. looked at the mail), I found out that this was all from donation seeking organizations, seeking my hubby..
After a few phone calls of "please remove us from your list, yes, we are not interested, Thank you." I found out that they all got his name and address from this one place he donated $2 to 3 years ago.
Apparently he did not check the 'do not distribute my name to EVERYONE else' box..
So where am I going with this boring story about my mail you ask?
Well, I have 2 points:
1) Always check the 'do not distribute my name to EVERYONE else' box - you'll save yourself MANY MANY telephone calls.
2) One of the places that sent us mail was the Alzheimer's society. They sent us a 'Reminder Pad'...

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