Thursday, March 18, 2010

More about the Green, and some fashion

This morning I tried to make the green monster.
This time, a little less Spinach (read previous post), and almond butter instead of peanut.
Result? Great Success!!
Very green, and exceptionally yummy this time around.
On a brighter topic, Toronto Fashion Week is approaching, and my calendar is filling up quickly with some very interesting shows. Creativity is definitely the name of the game with this upcoming fashion week.
I am looking forward to seeing what Canadian designers have up their sleeve.
To make matters even more exciting - the weather is getting better.
A recent interesting development I just read about is Vouge's André Leon Talley's new role as a judge on America's Next Top Model. I'll admit to following this show (occasionally) but I have to say that this little tidbit caught me by surprise. It's not yet showing here in Canada, so I have not seen it with my own eyes just yet. 
But I am not really sure how to take this piece of news..
Is he done with Vogue? I think that would be a shame..
Is Miss AW next to appear on ANTM?
Here's hoping that's not happening anytime soon. 
I think Vogue must keep its' status by abstaining from reality television.
But I am now VERY curious to see André's appearance.
I am sure that was the whole point of bringing him on to the show - to make people like me curious...

Hope the sun is shining through your window, like it is over here.  

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