Sunday, March 07, 2010

So what is this Funny Lil' idea all about?

I had a funny lil' idea tonight about blogging.
I have my own personal diary type of blog.
It's there to help me. No one else.
But what am I really contributing to World Wide Web?
Not much..
So I decided to start this Blog as my Contribution / Soapbox to the rest of the world.
My way to send out some good karma, and hopefully help someone along the way.
So here are the rules;
Please feel free to ask me about anything.
I consider myself as a great researcher, and if I don't know it - I'll enjoy finding out for you.
I plan to share my knowledge and opinions about many different matters.
These are my knowledge and opinions.
This is not my way to discredit anyone.
So please enjoy the read, and share your ideas.
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