Monday, July 16, 2012

Challenge post 2: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears

By order of intensity
  1. Loss: of my family
    • I guess this is a pretty common fear. This year it has become stronger and more prevalent in my life, but it has always been a first place sort of fear. Dear universe, I have faced this fear enough for 1 year, I would like a long meaningful break. Thank you. 
  2. Losing Control
    • Yes, I am what some people call, a control freak. The truth is, I always have been. It's intoxicating for me to be in complete control when it comes to most of life. Losing control, is a real fear for someone like me. I can let go of it, but I have to be willingly giving it up.
  3. Needles in my back / head
    • My mother theorizes that because I had many such needles when I was a newborn due to jaundice that I am traumatized from it all. I can't really identify the source, but this particular fear has been so strong that I endured through root canals as a 10 year old without anaesthesia. I also walked out on a dentist when I was 15 because he wouldn't treat me without the shot.
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