Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Saturday of leisure

It's July.
Going out to the city makes my skin tingle with anticipation. The sun warms the air up in the early morning hours, and by the time I decided to get out it was well over sweaty level weather.
There is this magical air about July. The summer is in full swing. The warmth of the summer wraps you like a blanket.
The evenings are balmy and inviting. Love is in the air, even if you're single.
You get to sneak a peek at how people respond to this lovely heat. As they sit near a fountain, soaking it all in.
I love Toronto's quirky unexpected park features. Today it was a graffiti spray painted piano, with the irresistible invitation: Play me, I'm yours.
Best if all, on this leisurely Saturday I got to go to the market. I got some baked goodies, and peaches. 
Those beautiful peaches. They represent summer in every way. Sweet, juice of life, with the taste of summer packaged in that golden flesh.

Dear summer: Play me, I'm yours!

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