Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 4 - your favorite book

Who came up with these questions??
If you remember my post A Saturday Surprise, you'll recall this photo.
behind me there, that's my library.
Those are all my favorite books, that I read fell in love with and decided to buy.

I also go to the library at least once every other week and return with at least 2 books - how could I choose a favorite?
alright, let's try this out..
I love love love Anne Rice books - back when vampires were not yet sparkly and could walk in the sun (See twilight), and before she went all Christian and stopped writing about anyone but Jesus (Her books are on the bottom right near my hip there).
For light reading I loved the Shopaholic series (it's on the top shelf there in the middle).
I also love reading true crime books, as well as history and biographical novels.
Bronte Sisters are a classic to me, and I believe I read everything by them.
And finally, in Hebrew I love authors like Irit Linur(עירית לינור), and Oren Ram (רם אורן).

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